Smith, Warren


17941–30 Oct. 1838.2 Blacksmith.3 Son of Chileab Smith and Nancy.4 Born in Massachusetts.5 Married Amanda Barnes, 9 July 1826, at Black River (later in Lorain), Lorain Co., Ohio.6 Baptized into LDS church, 1831.7 Moved to Kirtland, Geauga Co., Ohio, 1832.8 Labored on Kirtland temple, 1835.9 Ordained an elder, 22 Oct. 1837.10 Shareholder of Kirtland Safety Society, 1837.11 Appointed clerk to Kirtland elders quorum, 26 Feb. 1838.12 Moved to Hawn’s Mill settlement on Shoal Creek, Caldwell Co., Missouri, 28 Oct. 1838.13 Killed during attack at Hawn’s Mill.14