Caldwell County
United States of America

Caldwell County, Missouri


Located in northwest Missouri. Settled by whites, by 1831. Described as being “one-third timber and two-thirds prairie” in 1836. Created specifically for Latter-day Saints by Missouri state legislature, 29 Dec. 1836, in attempt to solve “Mormon problem.” Major Mormon immigration followed. Population by summer 1838 between 5,000 and 7,000. Population by 1840 about 1,500. Included at least nineteen Mormon settlements. Expansion of Mormon settlement beyond county borders resulted in conflict and violence between Saints and other Missourians. Governor Lilburn W. Boggs ordered that Saints be exterminated or driven from state, 27 Oct. 1838. State militia arrested and imprisoned JS and other Mormon leaders and expelled remaining Saints from state. Almost all Caldwell Co. Saints evacuated, by spring 1839.