Letter from Austin A. King, 10 September 1838

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I have assurance that  Umpstead will not be  hurt, and that he shall  be turned loos, I was  assured before I recd yours  that Owens was not Shot  at nor was there any  intention to hurt him  or it could have been  done— he shall be  turned loos unmolested,  I advise you to turn  those three men loos  and let them receive  kind treatment, as to  the guns they were in the  care of Capt [William] Pollard of  this vicinity, whether they [p. [2]]
I have assurance that Umpstead will not be hurt, and that he shall be turned loos, I was assured before I recd yours that Owens was not Shot at nor was there any intention to hurt him or it could have been done— he shall be turned loos unmolested, I advise you to turn those three men loos and let them receive kind treatment, as to the guns they were in the care of Capt William Pollard of this vicinity, whether they [p. [2]]
Page [2]