Missouri River 



One of longest rivers in North America, in excess of 3,000 miles.1 From headwaters in Montana to confluence with Mississippi River near St. Louis, Missouri River drains 580,000 square miles (about one-sixth of continental U.S.).2 Explored by Lewis and Clark, 1804–1806.3 Major pioneer trails (Santa Fe, California, Oregon, Mormon) began on river in western Missouri.4 After dedicating temple site in Jackson Co., JS traveled on river by canoe, Aug. 1831, as he returned to Ohio.5 During journey, JS dictated revelation cautioning Saints about dangers on water, after which some Saints finished journey by land rather than on river.6 Important river landing located about three miles from courthouse in Independence, Missouri, at which point group of Saints arrived by steamboat from Ohio, July 1832.7 After expulsion from Jackson Co., Nov. 1833, most Saints fled northward and crossed river to gain refuge in Clay Co.8