Hinkle, George M.


13 Nov. 18011–Nov. 1861.2 Merchant, physician, publisher, minister, farmer.3 Born in Jefferson Co., Kentucky.4 Son of Michael Hinkle and Nancy Higgins.5 Married first Sarah Ann Starkey.6 Baptized into LDS church, 1832.7 Moved to Far West, Caldwell Co., Missouri.8 Served on high councils at Clay Co., Missouri, and Caldwell Co., 1836–1838.9 With John Murdock, purchased large number of lots for Mormon settlement in De Witt, Carroll Co., Missouri, 23 June 1838.10 Commissioned colonel in Missouri state militia.11 During Missouri conflict in 1838, directed defense of De Witt and commanded Mormon militia defending Far West.12 While assisting in negotiation of truce between state militia and Latter-day Saints at Far West, surrendered church leaders to General Samuel D. Lucas.13 Excommunicated, 17 Mar. 1839, at Quincy, Adams Co., Illinois.14 Moved to Duncan Prairie, Mercer Co., Illinois, 1839.15 Organized religious society named The Church of Jesus Christ, the Bride, the Lamb’s Wife, 24 June 1840, at Moscow, Muscatine Co., Iowa Territory.16 Affiliated briefly with Sidney Rigdon and Church of Christ, 1845.17 Moved to Iowa Territory, by Dec. 1845.18 Wife died, 1 Dec. 1845.19 Returned to Mercer Co., by June 1850.20 Married second Mary Loman Hartman.21 Moved to Decatur Co., Iowa, by 1852.22 Moved to Adair Co., Iowa.23 Served in Civil War, 1861.24 Died at Decatur, Decatur Co.25