Joseph Smith Papers Conference, 2020

Joseph Smith’s Connections and Networks

On Friday, September 18, 2020, the Joseph Smith Papers Project held the fourth annual Joseph Smith Papers Conference. Due to the ongoing global pandemic, the event was held online.
Presentations explore aspects of Joseph Smith’s interrelated worldviews, including race, politics, finance, and theology. Papers engage with themes found in volumes 10 and 11 of the Documents series of The Joseph Smith Papers.
Proceedings from the conference are found below. Each participant has graciously shared a video of his or her presentation online. Links to view the presentations below are provided as a convenience. As with other academic conferences, speakers are responsible for the contents of their presentations. No endorsement is stated or implied.


Panel 1 ― Interpreting Joseph Smith’s Networks: A Joseph Smith Papers Roundtable

Remarks by Spencer McBride

Remarks by Shannon Kelly Jorgensen

Remarks by Stephanie Steed

Remarks by Brett D. Dowdle

Remarks by Nathan N. Waite

Remarks by Angela M. Thompson,


Panel 2 ― Power Networks: Race, Hostility, and Politics

“‘I Dug the Graves’: Isaac Lewis Manning, Joseph Smith, and Racial Connections in Two Latter Day Saint Traditions”

“Joseph Smith and Warsaw, Illinois: A Network of Conflict”

“The Cadre for the Kingdom: The Lasting Connections and Networks Forged by Joseph Smith’s Electioneers”


Panel 3 ― Financial Networks: Untapped Scholarly Sources and a New Joseph Smith Papers Series

“Was Joseph Smith Bad at Business?: Evaluating and Contextualizing Joseph Smith’s Business Practices and Networks of Debt”

“The Red Brick Store Daybooks: Just Financial Transactions?”

“‘Submit Patiently to Their Economy’: Labor Disputes and the Building of the Nauvoo Temple”


Panel 4 ― Theological Networks: Salvation and Revelation as Communal Experiences

“Temporal Contexts and Eternal Connections in Joseph Smith’s Nauvoo Teachings”

“The Liturgies of Connection”

“Collaborative Revelation in the Early Restoration”