Delve into Relief Society Documents Added to Church Historian’s Press Website

Shortly after Joseph Smith established the Female Relief Society in 1842, he directed its members to not only save souls but also bring relief to the poor. Caring for the poor, sick, and needy is the focus of many of the documents in The First Fifty Years of Relief Society, published by the Church Historian’s Press in February 2016. The documents, which are accompanied by historical introductions and footnotes, are incrementally being added to the press’s website, with the following sections just released:

The emphasis on bringing relief to those in need is evident in the words of a hymn included in section 3.24. Written by Eliza R. Snow, the organization’s president at the time, the lyrics read in part:


In works of mercy, faith and love,

To banish want and woe,

The records of this House shall prove

We’re neither slack nor slow.


Where love and duty mark the way,

Improving heart and head,

Onward and upward day by day,

We’ll move with tireless tread.


To read the full lyrics and browse the other documents and resources now available, visit the Church Historian’s Press website