The Priesthood Restored: A Joseph Smith Papers Podcast

The Priesthood Restored: A Joseph Smith Papers Podcast is a six-part miniseries from the Joseph Smith Papers Project that explores the events and circumstances that played a role in the restoration of the priesthood. Series host Spencer W. McBride interviews historians, researchers, General Authorities, and others in a documentary-style podcast about this defining topic in Latter-day Saint history.

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The Priesthood Restored podcast is produced in cooperation with the Latter-day Saint Channel.

Host: Spencer McBride

Producer: Curt Dahl

Executive Producer: Ben Ellis Godfrey

Producer: Jenny Rollins

Research Assistant: Nathan Jones

Production Manager: Matthew Mangum

Project Manager: Ammon Collingwood

Cover Art: “Susquehanna River” by Francis R. Magleby (Church History Museum, Salt Lake City)

Editors: Britta Adams, McKinsey Kemeny

Web Team: Christopher Clark, Jim McKenna, Michael Smith, Lonnie McGill, Jeffrey McFarlane, Matt Carson, Kyler Rosquist, Steve Hales, Dave Totten, Ben Cassani, Jon Thorup, Jason Mortensen

Social Media: Madison Parks