Church Officers in Kirtland, Ohio, September 1839–January 1841

The status of the in , Ohio, and the composition of the ecclesiastical leadership there are somewhat unclear from September 1839 through January 1841. Although church conferences sent men to preside over members of the church in that area, there is no indication that they did so with the assistance of a bishop or .
In spring 1839, a general conference of the church assigned to “preside over the general affairs of the Church” in and to “take the Charge and oversight of the .” An October 1840 general conference, however, appointed to preside over the church in Kirtland, even though Granger was still there and had not been released from his assignment. It is unclear when Babbitt assumed leadership of the church in Kirtland, and his presidency appears to have overlapped with Granger’s, even though a letter from JS to Granger clarified that Babbitt was to preside in the area.
1 September 1839 31 January 1841
, president
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