Errata for Histories, Volume 2

This sheet identifies errors found in Histories, Volume 2: Assigned Histories, 1831–1847. Minor errors, such as in the format of source citations, are not reported. The errors reported here occur in all printings of the volume and have been corrected in the transcripts, annotation, and reference material presented on this site. This sheet will be updated as additional errors are found. Please report additional errors by emailing
Page 12, note 37. Change “before his October 1830 call” to “before his September 1830 call.”
Page 29, line 12. Remove “[Laura Fuller Hubbell].” Comment: Subsequent project research shows that the identity of Ms. “Hubbell” is in question. See JSP, D1:257n95.
Page 41, note 116. Change “p. 144 herein” to “p. 145 herein.”
Page 44, note 130. Change “at the Colesville settlement in Kaw Township” to “near the home of Joshua Lewis at what later became the Whitmer settlement in Kaw Township.”
Page 45, third line from bottom. Add bracketed spelling correction to “Joseph Brackerberry”: “Joseph Brackerberry [Brackenbury].”
Page 57, note 173. Change “pp. 216–219 herein” to “pp. 215–218 herein.”
Page 103, note 318. Change “Ramus, Iowa Territory” to “Ramus, Illinois.”
Page 110, last line. Change “4 leaves missing” to “2 leaves missing”. Comment: Further information about these missing leaves is given in the source note on p. 4 of the volume.
Page 116, note 14. Change page range of “Non-Mormon View” to “306–311.”
Page 118, note 24. Change end of The Evening and the Morning Star quote from “and well as the political” to “as well as the political.”
Page 167, note 140. Change “Avard testified that he was later removed” to “Avard testified that he (Avard) was later removed.”
Page 170, note 147. Change the page range of Appeal to the American People from “15–18” to “17–21.”
Page 197, note 249. In the citation, change “Sept. 1840” to “July 1840.”
Page 226, note 100. Change “As late as 21 June 1836” to “As late as 21 June 1834.”
Page 231, end of first paragraph. Change “pre-emption law” to “pre-emtion law” (misspelled in the original).
Page 285, note 286. Change “Richard E. Young” to “Richard M. Young.”
Pages 289–401. A number of updates and changes have been made to the reference material. The updates correct factual errors, add additional information, and remove biographical information that, while possibly accurate, could not be documented in primary sources or the most reliable secondary sources. Because the reference material supports all published volumes and all documents published on the website, the Smith Papers staff will not keep a record of the specific changes made to each entry published in Histories, Volume 2. Readers should refer to the Reference section of the Joseph Smith Papers website to find the corrected and updated information.
Page 299, entry for 27 May 1839. Death of Edward Partridge should be listed as 27 May 1840.
Page 308. Swap entry for letter O with letter P.
Page 349. Comment: The Biographical Directory inadvertently left out Alexander Hale Smith, son of JS and Emma Smith.