Part 3: 12 February–28 March 1836

During this period of about six weeks, JS spent much of his time studying the Hebrew language under the instruction of . He also saw to his familial and domestic concerns and at the same time entertained visitors in , Ohio, who were interested in the Egyptian artifacts, the , or “the work of the Lord” generally.
The majority of the documents in this part highlight JS attending to the “duties of the ” as the neared completion and the anticipated approached. During this time of preparation, JS continued to instruct and organize the church, and he oversaw the passage of resolutions that standardized the of men to offices and centralized priesthood to a more formal system of tracking the growing body of ordained men.
A historic event came at the end of these six weeks: after more than three years of fund raising, construction work, and high expectations, the was completed, and JS led the dedicatory services on 27 March 1836. Participants recorded that a spiritual outpouring transpired that day. stated “that a Holy Angel of God” entered the building and sat next to him and during the dedicatory prayer offered by JS. Benjamin Brown recorded that at a meeting of the priesthood on the evening of the dedication, several in attendance had “Miracilous Experiences” and saw “Many Visions” during a Pentecostal event in the House of the Lord.
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