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Custer, Fanny Alger


Ca. 1818–29 Nov. 1889. Born in New York. Daughter of Samuel Alger and Clarissa Hancock. Family moved to Lebanon, Ashtabula Co., Ohio, by 1820. Moved to Mayfield, Cuyahoga Co., Ohio, by 1828. Resided in Chagrin, Cuyahoga Co., 1830. Lived with JS’s family, ca. 1833. Identified in some sources as a plural wife of JS. Moved to Wayne Co., Indiana, Sept. 1836. Married Solomon Custer, 16 Nov. 1836, in Dublin, Wayne Co. Present at organization of Lima branch of church, 23 Oct. 1840, in Adams Co., Illinois. Lived in Dublin, 1850. Moved to Lewisville, Henry Co., Indiana, by 1870. Returned to Dublin, by 1874. Joined Universalist church in Dublin, 10 Oct. 1874. Moved to Indianapolis, Marion Co., Indiana, to live with her son, by 1887. Died at Indianapolis.


Alternate Names

Alger, Fanny