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Payne, Henry B.


30 Nov. 1810–9 Sept. 1896. Attorney, railroad executive, politician. Born in Hamilton, Madison Co., New York. Son of Elisha Payne. Graduated from Hamilton College, 1832, in Clinton, Oneida Co., New York. Studied law under John C. Spencer, in Canandaigua, Ontario Co., New York. Moved to Cleveland, 1833. Married Mary Perry, 16 Aug. 1836, in Cleveland. City clerk, 1836, in Cleveland. Partner in law firm of Payne and Willson, 1835–1844. Partner in law firm of Payne, Willson, and Wade, 1844–1846. Served in Ohio state senate, 1849–1851. Involved with construction of Cleveland and Columbus Railroad. Served as U.S. representative from Ohio, 1875–1877, 1885–1891. Died in Cleveland.