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Rupp, Israel Daniel


10 July 1803–31 May 1878. Bookseller, editor, historian, insurance agent, teacher, translator. Born in East Pennsboro (later in Hampden), Cumberland Co., Pennsylvania. Son of George Rupp and Christina Boeshor. Member of Reformed faith. Moved to Allen, Cumberland Co., by 1810. Married Caroline Aristide, 19 July 1827, at Carlisle, Cumberland Co. Moved to Harrisburg, Dauphin Co., Pennsylvania, 1827. Electioneered for John Quincy Adams, 1828, in Pennsylvania. Moved to Montgomery, Hamilton Co., Ohio, by 1830; to Silver Spring Township, Cumberland Co., by 1832; to Lancaster, Lancaster Co., Pennsylvania, ca. 1842; to Jonestown, Lebanon Co., Pennsylvania, by 1860; and to Philadelphia, 1860. Died in Philadelphia.