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Foutz, Jacob


20 Nov. 1800–14 Feb. 1848. Bricklayer. Born in Franklin Co., Pennsylvania. Son of John Foutz and Elizabeth Hinkle. Married Margaret Mann, 22 July 1822. Moved to Richland Co., Ohio, late 1820s. Baptized into Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, 1834, in Richland Co. Moved to Caldwell Co., Missouri, by 1838. Shot and wounded in attack at Hawn’s Mill settlement on Shoal Creek, Caldwell Co., 30 Oct. 1838. Moved to Quincy, Adams Co., Illinois, ca. Feb. 1839. Appointed second counselor to bishop in Freedom stake, near Payson, Adams Co., 27 Oct. 1840. Served mission to Brown and Pike counties, Illinois, 1841. Second counselor to branch president of Moroni branch, near Perry, Pike Co., 1841. Moved to Nauvoo, Hancock Co., Illinois, by 1842, and lived in Nauvoo Second Ward. President of Bricklayers and Plasterers’ Association in Nauvoo. Member of Nauvoo Legion. Appointed bishop of Nauvoo Eighth Ward, 20 Aug. 1842. Served mission to Franklin Co., Nov. 1842. Signed petition to U.S. Congress for wrongs committed against church members in Missouri, 28 Nov. 1843. Ordained a high priest, by 7 Oct. 1844. Moved to Garden Grove, Decatur Co., Iowa Territory, 1846. Moved to Winter Quarters, unorganized U.S. territory (later in Omaha, Douglas Co., Nebraska), 1846. Migrated to Salt Lake Valley, 1847. Appointed bishop of east half of New Fort Ward, 7 Nov. 1847, in Salt Lake City. Died in Salt Lake City.