McDougall, James A.


19 Nov. 1817–3 Sept. 1867. Attorney, politician. Born in Bethlehem, Albany Co., New York. Early member of Jacksonville bar, in Morgan Co., Illinois. Moved to Pike Co., Illinois, 1837. Married Maritta McConnells, 19 Apr. 1842, in Morgan Co. Attorney general of Illinois, 1843–1847. Partnered with Ebenezer Peck in law firm of McDougall & Peck, 1846–1849, in Chicago. Led exploring expedition to Rio del Norte, Gila, and Colorado rivers, 1849, and eventually settled in San Francisco. Attorney general of California, 1850–1851. Served as U.S. representative from California, 4 Mar. 1853–3 Mar. 1855. Partnered with Sol. A. Sharp and Reuben H. Lloyd in law firm of McDougall, Sharp & Lloyd, ca. 1861–1865, in San Francisco. Served as U.S. senator, 4 Mar. 1861–3 Mar. 1867. Died in Albany. Buried in San Francisco.