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Gause, Jesse


Ca. 1784–ca. Sept. 1836. Schoolteacher. Born at East Marlborough, Chester Co., Pennsylvania. Son of William Gause (Goss) and Mary Beverly. Joined Society of Friends (Quakers), 1806. Moved to Fayette Co., Pennsylvania, 1808; to Chester Co., 1811; and to Wilmington, New Castle Co., Delaware, 1812. Served in Delaware militia, 1814. Moved to Philadelphia, 1815. Married first Martha Johnson, 1815, at Philadelphia. Moved to Belmont Co., Ohio, 1816; to Jefferson Co., Ohio, 1821; to Chester Co., Pennsylvania, 1821; and to Wilmington, New Castle Co., Delaware, Aug. 1821. Wife died, 1828. Moved to Hancock, Berkshire Co., Massachusetts, 1829. Resigned from Society of Friends, 30 Jan. 1829. Joined United Society of Believers in Christ’s Second Appearing (Shakers), by Aug. 1829. Married second Minerva Byram, 30 Aug. 1830, in Jefferson, Schoharie Co., New York. Moved to Shaker community at North Union, Cuyahoga Co., Ohio, 1831. Baptized into Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Appointed counselor to JS, 8 Mar. 1832. Served as scribe to JS, Mar. 1832. Traveled with JS to Independence, Jackson Co., Missouri, Apr.–May 1832. Began mission with Zebedee Coltrin to Shaker community at North Union; to Thompson, Geauga Co., Ohio; and to Rappite community of Economy near Pittsburgh, 1 Aug. 1832. Visited wife (Minerva) and tried to persuade her to leave Shakers. Parted company with Coltrin, 19 Aug. 1832. Apparently excommunicated, 3 Dec. 1832. Resided in Chester Co., Pennsylvania, at time of death.