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Ryland, John F.


2 Nov. 1797–10 Sept. 1873. Teacher, farmer, lawyer, judge. Born in King and Queen Co., Virginia. Son of Joseph Ryland and Rosamiah Molly. Moved to Richmond, Madison Co., Kentucky, 1809. Attended Forest Hill Academy in Washington Co. (later in Marion Co.), Kentucky. Married first Martha M. Barnett, 29 Oct. 1818, in Madison Co. Licensed lawyer in Kentucky, before 1819. Moved to Franklin, Howard Co., Missouri, 1819, and practiced law. Practiced law in circuit court at Lexington, Lillard Co., Missouri, beginning 17 Mar. 1823. Appointed judge of Missouri’s Sixth Judicial Circuit, 1830. Married second Gabriella Buford, 29 Sept. 1835, in Lafayette Co., Missouri. Judge of Missouri Supreme Court, 1848–1857. Died in Lexington.


(Private possession. Portrait by George Caleb Bingham.)

John F. Ryland (Private possession. Portrait by George Caleb Bingham.)