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Tyler, John


29 Mar. 1790–18 Jan. 1862. Lawyer, politician. Born on Greenway Plantation, Charles City Co., Virginia. Son of John Tyler and Mary Armistead. Attended College of William and Mary. Following graduation, returned to Greenway, 1807. Served as Virginia state representative, 1811–1816. Married first Letitia Christian, 29 Mar. 1813. Settled near Greenway, 1813. Served as U.S. representative from Virginia, 1816–1821. Purchased and moved to Greenway, 1821. Served as state representative, 1823–1825; as governor of Virginia, 1825–1827; as U.S. senator, 1827–1836; and as vice president of U.S., 1841. Became U.S. president after death of William Henry Harrison. Wife died, 1842. In Mar. 1844, JS signed memorial delivered to Tyler by Orson Hyde, in Washington DC, requesting authorization for one hundred thousand armed volunteers to protect overland emigrants to western North America. Married second Julia Gardiner, 26 June 1844. Following term as president, moved to Sherwood Forest plantation, Charles City Co., near Greenway. Elected state representative to Confederate Congress, 1862, but died in Richmond prior to assembly of Congress.