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Wilder, Joseph


22 Oct. 1798–22 Apr. 1885. Farmer. Born in Concord, Essex Co., Vermont. Son of Nathan Wilder and Mary. Moved to Barnet, Caledonia Co., Vermont, by 1808. Moved to Dalton, Coos Co., New Hampshire, by 1812. Married Hannah Osgood. Moved to Geauga Co., Ohio, by 1838. Baptized into Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Plaintiff in case Wilder and Strong v. Rounds. Moved to Knox Co., Illinois, by 1840. Ordained an elder, 10 July 1841, in Walnut Grove, Knox Co. Moved to Truro, Knox Co., by 1860. Moved to Knoxville, Knox Co., by 1880. Died in Knoxville.