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Stowell, Josiah, Sr.


22 Mar. 1770–12 May 1844. Farmer, sawmill owner. Born in Winchester, Cheshire Co., New Hampshire. Son of Israel Stowell and Mary Butler. Member of Presbyterian church. Moved to Jericho (later Bainbridge), Chenango Co., New York, 1791. Married Miriam Bridgeman of Jericho, by 1791. Hired JS to dig for Spanish silver in Harmony (later in Oakland), Susquehanna Co., Pennsylvania, 1825. Witness for JS’s defense at court proceedings in South Bainbridge (later Afton), Chenango Co., 1826, 1830. Present at Smith home in Manchester, Ontario Co., New York, when JS arrived with gold plates, 1827. Baptized into Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, ca. 1830, likely in Bainbridge. Moved to Smithboro, Tioga Co., New York, 1833. Died in Smithboro.