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Bushnell, Nehemiah


9 Oct. 1813–31 Jan. 1873. Editor, lawyer, railroad company president. Born in Westbrook, Middlesex Co., Connecticut. Son of Nehemiah Bushnell and Mehitable. Graduated from Yale University, 1835. Admitted to Connecticut bar, 1837. Moved to Quincy, Adams Co., Illinois, 1837. Coeditor of Quincy Whig when it was first published as weekly newspaper, 5 May 1838. Married Eliza Hunter Benedict, 12 Oct. 1840, in Millbury, Worcester Co., Massachusetts. Aided Latter-day Saints who were forced from Missouri, winter 1839. With law partner Orville H. Browning, represented New York firm seeking repayment for prior debts owed by JS, 1841. President of Chicago, Burlington and Quincy Railroad, 1851–1861. Bushnell, McDonough Co., Illinois, named in his honor. Elected as Adams Co. representative to Illinois General Assembly, 1872. Died at Quincy.