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Higgins, Nelson


1 Sept. 1806–20 Nov. 1890. Farmer, laborer, justice of the peace. Born at Milford, Otsego Co., New York. Son of Daniel Higgins and Mary Daggett. Married Sarah (Sally) Blackman, ca. 1826, at Fitchville, Huron Co., Ohio. Baptized into Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints by Orson Hyde, before 12 Sept. 1833. Participated in Camp of Israel expedition to Missouri, 1834. Ordained a seventy, possibly by Mar. 1835. Member of Nauvoo Legion. Served as justice of the peace in Hancock Co., Illinois, by 31 Dec. 1843. Served in Mormon Battalion, 1846–1847. Migrated to Salt Lake Valley; arrived, 29 July 1847. Moved to Salt Creek Canyon in Sandpitch Valley, unorganized U.S. territory (later in Sanpete Co., Utah), fall 1849. Served mission in Carson Valley, Carson Co., Utah Territory (later in Nevada), 1856. Ordained a high priest by Orson Hyde, ca. 1856. Appointed to settle what became Richfield, Sevier Co., Utah, winter 1864. Served as justice of the peace for Richfield precinct. Moved to Elsinore, Sevier Co., by 6 Sept. 1876. Died at Elsinore.