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Hilliard, Richard


1799–21 Dec. 1856. Clerk, school teacher, merchant. Born in Chatham, Columbia Co., New York. Son of David Hilliard. Moved to Albany, Albany Co., New York, by 1811. Moved to Skaneateles, Onondaga Co., New York, ca. 1811. Moved to Black Rock, Buffalo Co., New York, ca. 1815. Became partner of a dry goods and grocery business, in Black Rock. Firm moved to Cleveland, by 1824. Bought partner’s share in the business, 1827. Partnered with New York businessman William Hayes and operated business as Hilliard and Hayes. Married Sarah Catherine Hayes, ca. 1828. Officer of Cleveland, 1836. Summoned, along with JS and others, in connection with debt-collection charges by Alpheus C. Russell. Trustee for Cleveland Homeopathic Hospital College. Commissioner of Water Works Board, 1853, in Cleveland. Died in Cleveland.