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Cottrell, Roswell D.


27 Dec. 1802–30 Mar. 1860. Township officer, farmer. Born in Cummington, Hampshire Co., Massachusetts. Son of Dwelly Cottrell and Peggy. Baptized into First Congregational Church, 1 Aug. 1819, in Cummington. Moved to Kirtland, Geauga Co., Ohio, by 1826. Married Matilda Olds, 13 Dec. 1827, in Concord, Geauga Co. Elected Kirtland Township supervisor of highways, 2 Apr. 1827; township trustee, 6 Apr. 1829; township clerk, Apr. 1831; and overseer of poor, 1 Apr. 1833. As Kirtland overseer of poor with John Parks, issued warrant, 21 Oct. 1833, to be served to JS and other Latter-day Saint families, warning them “to depart the Township immediately.” Moved to Mentor, Lake Co., by 1840. Wife died, 24 Oct. 1843. Married second Eliza Carrel, 28 Mar. 1844, in Lake Co. Died in Mentor.