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Weston, Samuel


24 Oct. 1783–14 Dec. 1846. Blacksmith, joiner, carpenter. Born in Belfast, Ireland. Moved to Ulverston, Lancashire, England, by 1812. Married Margaret Cleminson Gibson, 28 June 1812, in Ulverston. Joined British navy, 1812; captured by Americans and defected. Moved to Green Co., Kentucky, by 1816; to Malta Bend, Saline Co., Missouri, by 1820; to Lillard Co. (later Jackson Co.), Missouri, by 1821; and to what later became Independence, Jackson Co., by 1824. Elected deputy clerk of county court and recorder of deeds, contracted to build first courthouse, and served as election clerk, 1828, in Independence. Elected Jackson Co. judge, 1829. Justice of the peace, 1830–1832, 1838–1842, in Independence. Member of Baptist church. Member of committee appointed to negotiate departure of Latter-day Saints from Jackson Co., July 1833. Involved in lawsuit over land against William W. Phelps and Oliver Cowdery, 1835, in Independence. Died in Independence.