Tindall, Solomon


Aug. 1800–after 1850. Laborer. Born in Canterbury, Windham Co., Connecticut. Son of Jonathan Tindall. Member of Mohegan Indian tribe; later adopted by Delaware tribe. Received land grant from treaty between U.S. government and Delaware Nation, completed 3 Oct. 1818. Apparently sold this land, located in Delaware Co., Indiana, 31 Oct. 1828, while living in Wayne Co., Indiana. Married first Betsey Holland, 27 Nov. 1828, in Randolph Co., Indiana. Moved to Green Bay, Brown Co., Wisconsin Territory, ca. 1829. Returned to Wayne Co., by 28 Apr. 1830. Moved to Hamilton Co., Ohio, by 8 Oct. 1832. Moved to Nauvoo, Hancock Co., Illinois, by Apr. 1843. Signed petition for redress to U.S. Congress for persecution and expulsion of Latter-day Saints from Missouri, Nov. 1843. Baptized into Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, by 17 Mar. 1844. Left Nauvoo on assignment from Council of Fifty to attend council of Indian chiefs in Indian Territory, 24 Apr. 1845. Married second Lydia, likely by 1846. Member of Mormon Battalion, 16 July 1846–16 July 1847. Arrived in Salt Lake Valley, ca. 29 July 1847. Resided in Pottawattamie Co., Iowa, 1850.