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Rider (Ryder), Symonds (Simonds)


20 Nov. 1792–1 Aug. 1870. Farmer, teacher, minister. Born in Hartford, Windsor Co., Vermont. Son of Joshua Ryder and Marilla Loomis. Moved to Hiram, Portage Co., Ohio, 6 Jan. 1814. Married Mahitable Loomis, 12 Nov. 1818, in Portage Co. Served as captain in Ohio militia. Elected Portage Co. justice of the peace, 1824 and 1827. Joined the Disciples, 24 May 1828, at Hiram. Appointed overseer of the Disciples, 18 Apr. 1829, in Hiram. Baptized into Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, by June 1831. Ordained an elder, 6 June 1831, in Geauga Co., Ohio. Appointed to serve mission, 7 June 1831. Left church, Sept. 1831, and returned to being leader of the Disciples at Hiram. Appointed treasurer and board member of Western Reserve Eclectic Institute, Dec. 1849. Died at Hiram.


Alternate Names

Ryder, Symonds (Simonds)