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Crary, William G.


26 Nov. 1808–25 July 1886. Farmer, constable, justice of the peace, county supervisor. Born in Preston, New London Co., Connecticut. Son of Elijha Crary and Abigail Avery. Moved to Kirtland, Geauga Co., Ohio, by Feb. 1833. Served as Kirtland Township constable, Apr. 1833–Apr. 1834. As Kirtland constable, served warrant, dated 21 Oct. 1833, to JS and other Latter-day Saint families, warning them “to depart the Township immediately.” Married Julia Anne Morse, 12 Sept. 1836, in Geauga Co. Served as Kirtland Township treasurer, Apr. 1839–Apr. 1840. Resided at Painesville, Lake Co., Ohio, 1840. Served as Kirtland Township justice of the peace, 31 May 1845–6 Apr. 1846. Resided at Kirtland, 1850. Moved to Clayton Co., Iowa, 1857. Resided at Farmersburg, Clayton Co., 1860. Moved to Marshall Co., Iowa, 1867. Resided at Washington Township, Marshall Co., 1870. Served as justice of the peace and county supervisor of Marshall Co. Wife died, 2 Mar. 1880. Died in LaMoille, Marshall Co.