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Seymour, William


Ca. 1780–28 Dec. 1848. Lawyer, justice of the peace, judge, politician. Born in Connecticut. Moved to Windsor, Tioga Co., New York, ca. 1793. Moved to Binghamton, Tioga Co., ca. 1802. Admitted to bar, 1806. Moved back to Windsor, ca. 1807. Served as justice of the peace, 1812–1828, at Windsor. Corporator of Windsor Bridge Company, 23 Apr. 1823. Moved to Binghamton, 1833. Judge of Broome Co. Court of Common Pleas, 1833–1835, 1837–1847. Member of U.S. House of Representatives, 4 Mar. 1835–3 Mar. 1837. Died in Binghamton.