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Amherst Township, Ohio


Located in northeastern Ohio on southern shore of Lake Erie. Area settled, ca. 1810. County organized, 1824. Formed from Black River Township, Dec. 1829. Population in 1830 about 600. Population in 1840 about 1,200. Parley P. Pratt settled in township, Dec. 1826, and joined Sidney Rigdon’s Campbellite congregation, 1829. Following conversion to Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Pratt and other missionaries converted Rigdon in Mentor, Ohio, and then preached in Amherst en route to visiting Wyandot tribe in Sandusky, Ohio, late 1830. Samuel H. Smith also preached in township, spring 1831. Branch of church organized in township, by 24 Sept. 1831. At church conference, 25 Jan. 1832, JS sustained as president of high priesthood, to preside over whole church. At same conference, JS dictated revelations on performance of missionary service.


Amherst Township
Lorain County
United States of America