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Bainbridge Township, New York


Located 110 miles southwest of Albany, New York. Hilly land cut by Susquehanna River. Organized as Jericho, 1791, as part of tract of land given by New York to “Vermont sufferers” who lost land titles after border dispute between New York and Vermont. Name changed to Bainbridge, 1814. Bainbridge village incorporated, 1829. Population in 1835 about 3,000. Township contained Episcopal, Methodist, Congregationalist, Baptist, and Universalist churches. Josiah Stowell Sr., of South Bainbridge area, hired JS to work on crew to locate an abandoned mine. JS married Emma Hale, 18 Jan. 1827, in South Bainbridge. In 1830, JS was taken to South Bainbridge to stand trial on accusations of “being a disorderly person,” but he was exonerated of the charges.


Bainbridge Township
Chenango County
New York
United States of America