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City of Zion


Also referred to as New Jerusalem. JS revelation, dated Sept. 1830, prophesied that “city of Zion” would be built among Lamanites (American Indians). JS directed Oliver Cowdery and other missionaries preaching among American Indians in Missouri to find location of temple site of future New Jerusalem. JS revelation, dated 20 July 1831, identified Missouri as “land of promise” and place for “city of Zion,” with Independence as “center place” of Zion. Revelation also indicated that temple was to be built short distance west of courthouse in Independence, in center of city of Zion; temple site dedicated by Sidney Rigdon, and symbolic corner-marking stone laid by JS, 3 Aug. 1831. JS directed Latter-day Saint immigration to Jackson Co., 1831–1833. JS provided Jackson Co. Saints with plat and plan for building city of Zion, 25 June 1833. Plat overlapped boundaries of Independence. City was to be one mile square and accommodate up to 20,000 people. Plat included twenty-four temples on two fifteen-acre blocks. JS revised and expanded plat, Aug.–Sept. 1833. Saints expelled from county, Nov. 1833. Residence in other parts of Missouri seen as temporary, pending return to city of Zion, but Saints expelled from Missouri, 1838–1839.