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Galveston, Republic of Texas


Located on island off coast of southeast Texas at mouth of Trinity River. Island first inhabited by Karankawa Indians. First ports created by pirates Louis-Michel Aury and Jean Laffite, 1816–1820. Mexican customs house established, 1830. Served briefly as capital of Republic of Texas during revolt against Mexico, 1836. Established as official port of entry for Republic of Texas, 1837. Established as Galveston Co. seat, 15 May 1838. City charter granted, Jan. 1839. Population in 1839 about 1,000; in 1850 about 4,500; and in 1853 about 7,000. Lucien Woodworth visited city, 1844, during his mission to Texas to purchase land for Latter-day Saint settlement. Became part of U.S. when Texas was annexed, 29 Dec. 1845.


Galveston County
Republic of Texas (now in United States)