Kirtland Township
Geauga County (now in Lake County)
United States of America

Morley farm, Kirtland Township, Ohio


Isaac Morley acquired over one hundred acres of land in Kirtland Township, 1811, and purchased additional 105 acres, 1812. Farm located on outskirts of settlement in Kirtland on Chagrin River, about one mile northeast of Newel K. Whitney store. By winter 1829, Morleys and other families created “common stock family” that occupied separate buildings but practiced communal living. Schoolhouse built on farm, ca. 1830, to serve at least twenty-five children in communal group. Morley and others joined Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Nov. 1830. Farm became principal gathering site for immigrating church members, 1830–1831. JS and wife Emma accepted invitation from Morleys to live with them in family home on farm, 4 Feb. 1831. JS revelation, dated 4 Feb. 1831, directed smaller home to be constructed on farm specifically for JS family; home completed, by spring 1831; served as Smith residence for brief time. Birthplace of JS and Emma’s twins, who died same day, 30 Apr. 1831. While living on farm, JS dictated numerous revelations. JS also likely translated portion of Bible while on farm, May 1831. Fourth general conference of church held at schoolhouse on farm, June 1831. JS revelations, dated 30 Aug. and 11 Sept. 1831, directed that Morley’s farm be sold. Sale of portion of farm completed, by 12 Oct. 1831. Smiths moved from farm to John and Alice (“Elsa”) Johnson home in Hiram, 12 Sept. 1831.