Gilbert, Whitney & Co.


The branch of the United Firm responsible for overseeing the church’s mercantile endeavors in Missouri. Sidney Gilbert and Newel K. Whitney were partners in the mercantile business in Kirtland, Ohio, before Gilbert relocated to Missouri, by January 1832, to “establish a store” in Independence. Once in Independence, Gilbert transacted business under the name Gilbert & Whitney. A council held in Independence in April 1832 called this partnership Gilbert, Whitney & Co. and designated it as a branch of the United Firm in Missouri. In November 1833, Gilbert’s Independence store was broken into and his goods scattered in the street. The store ceased operations at that time. After the reorganization of the United Firm in April 1834 and Gilbert’s death in June 1834, Gilbert, Whitney & Co. also apparently ceased active operations. In 1838, the property owned by the company was sold, with the proceeds distributed to Whitney and to Gilbert’s widow. See also “” and “