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Halsted, Haines & Co.


A wholesale dry goods firm operated by partners William Mills Halsted, Richard Townley Haines, and Matthias Ogden Halstead in New York City from 1831 to 1884. The firm expanded when William Halsted’s nephew, James Maver Halsted was made partner and Richard I. Thorne joined the firm in 1832. Newel K. Whitney purchased goods from the firm in 1834. Whitney introduced JS and others involved in the Kirtland area firms of Rigdon, Smith & Cowdery and Cahoon, Carter & Co. to the firm and helped Cahoon, Carter & Co. purchase goods on credit in 1836. In September 1837, debts owed the firm were renegotiated. In September 1838, attorney William Perkins began a lawsuit against agent Oliver Granger to recover the debt. In August 1839, Granger tried to renegotiate the debt again in order to reach a settlement. Granger was unsuccessful, and in 1841 lawyers Orville Browning and Nehemiah Bushnell wrote to JS regarding the payment of two promissory notes. By 1842, the debt remained unresolved, and JS included it in his bankruptcy application.