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Mead, Stafford & Co.


A wholesale firm operated by partners Robert Mead, Zalmon S. Mead, and Jonas Stafford in New York City from 1834 to 1838. In 1839, Robert and Zalmon Mead formed a new firm under the name Z. & R. Mead, which operated until 1841. In 1843, Robert Mead created another firm, Mead & Co., and operated it until 1849. The Kirtland area firms of Cahoon, Carter & Co.; Rigdon, Smith & Cowdery; and H. Smith & Co. purchased goods on credit from the firm in 1836. In July 1837, unable to pay their debts, JS and other church leaders entered into a financial agreement that includedmortgaging the Kirtland temple to the firm. Agent Oliver Granger was able to pay off the mortgage on the temple by 1841.