W. W. Phelps & Co.


The corporate name of the church’s printing establishment in Independence, Missouri. The company included church printer William W. Phelps and likely John Whitmer and Oliver Cowdery, who were appointed by the Literary Firm to assist Phelps in reviewing and selecting revelations for publication in the Book of Commandments. In addition to printing the Book of Commandments, W. W. Phelps & Co. published two newspapers, The Evening and the Morning Star and The Upper Missouri Advertiser, beginning in June 1832. The company offered more general printing services to the public as well. By mid-1833, seven individuals were reported as working in the printing office. After a mob destroyed the printing office in 1833, F. G. Williams & Co. in Kirtland, Ohio, replaced W. W. Phelps & Co. as the church’s printing arm. See also “.”