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Washing of feet


An ordinance following the pattern set by Jesus in the New Testament, symbolizing unity and bestowing purification and spiritual power. At the first meeting of the School of the Prophets in January 1833, JS washed the feet of the elders present and pronounced them “clean from the blood of this generation.” In fall 1835, JS directed church leaders to prepare for a solemn assembly in the House of the Lord in Kirtland, Ohio, where they would be ritually purified through the washing of feet prior to an endowment of power. A ritual washing of feet was given to church leaders and official members in the House of the Lord beginning on 29 March 1836 and finishing at the solemn assembly on 30 March. At the 6 April 1837 solemn assembly, attendees who had not been present at the 1836 assembly received washings of feet and blessings. See also “” and “.”