Part 1: April–July 1834

In April 1834, JS began making preparations to lead the to and to extricate himself and the from debt. During this same time, JS traveled to , Ohio, to attend hearings regarding threats against his life made by , who had been excommunicated from the church. Later in the month, JS journeyed to , Ohio, to hold a . By May, JS was confident enough in his financial standing to leave , Ohio, with the Camp of Israel. JS traveled with the expedition from May to July 1834, returning to Kirtland at the end of July. The twenty documents in this part highlight JS’s preparation for the expedition, the experiences of the camp itself, and the formation of the Missouri in July 1834. The documents include letters from JS to his wife , correspondence regarding the reaction of Missouri citizens to the camp’s approach, minutes of meetings, financial documents relating to the United Firm, and three revelations—two that pertain to the reorganization of the United Firm and one that disbanded the Camp of Israel.