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Camp of Israel


A group of approximately 205 men and about 20 women and children led by JS to Missouri, May–July 1834, to redeem Zion by helping the Saints who had been driven from Jackson County, Missouri, regain their lands; later referred to as “Zion’s Camp.” A 24 February 1834 revelation directed JS and others to gather volunteers and resources to assist with “the redemption of Zion” in Missouri. JS departed Kirtland, Ohio, with most of the volunteers on 5 May 1834; another contingent, led by Hyrum Smith and Lyman Wight, left from Michigan Territory that same day. The two contingents joined on 9 June at the Salt River settlement in Missouri. After an anticipated state militia escort did not materialize and Missouri citizens entered into negotiations with church leaders in Clay County, Missouri, a 22 June 1834 revelation told participants that Zion would not be redeemed at that time. The revelation stated that the redemption would not come until leading elders were “endowed with power from on high” and church members had been “taught more perfectly, and have experience and know more perfectly, concerning their duty.” The following day, individuals were selected to travel to Kirtland for the anticipated endowment in the House of the Lord being constructed there. The camp disbanded shortly thereafter without regaining the Saints’ Jackson County lands; its dispersal was hastened by an outbreak of cholera among camp members. Many participants in the Camp of Israel were later called to the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles and the Seventy.


Alternate Names
Redemption of Zion
Zion’s Camp