Part 4: July–September 1835

In summer 1835, JS held many councils with members of the church and the presidency of the . He also attended meetings of the , Ohio, high council. These meetings mainly concerned disciplinary matters. During this same time, JS acquired four Egyptian mummies and a collection of papyri and made early efforts to translate the Egyptian characters on the papyri. JS also made a brief trip to with . While JS was gone, and , acting on behalf of a committee that included JS, presented the Doctrine and Covenants to a general assembly of church members in Kirtland for approval. After returning to Kirtland from Michigan Territory, JS continued to attend councils on disciplinary matters and provided blessings to several Missouri church leaders. The twenty-two documents in this part consist of minutes of the council meetings, texts of the blessings, a certificate verifying JS’s translating abilities, and some correspondence.