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Tewksbury, Abijah R.


Dec. 1799–5 Mar. 1875. Owner and operator of shipping office, ballast inspector. Born in Winthrop, Suffolk Co., Massachusetts. Son of William Tewksbury and Elizabeth. Moved to Chelsea, Suffolk Co., by 1810; to Deer Island, Massachusetts, by 1817; and to Boston, by 1822. Married Hannah Leeman, 24 Oct. 1822, in Boston. Owned and operated a shipping office, ca. 1841–1850, which he opened “for free preaching.” Baptized into Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, 1841, in Boston. Represented Boston branch of church at general conference, 9–11 Sept. 1842, in Salem, Essex Co., Massachusetts. Ordained an elder, before 10 Sept. 1842. Appointed counselor of New England Social Reform Society, 31 Jan. 1844. Excommunicated, before 4 June 1844. Invited by JS and Hyrum Smith by letter to return to church, 4 June 1844. Joined James J. Strang’s Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and served as bishop of Strangite branch in Boston, by 14 Jan. 1847. Worked as ballast inspector, 1852–1875. Died in Boston.