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Cole, Abner


Aug. 1783–13 July 1835. Bar iron and castings manufacturer, judge, newspaper editor and publisher. Likely born in Chesterfield, Hampshire Co., Massachusetts. Son of Southworth Cole and Ruxby Bryant. Moved to Geneva, Ontario and Seneca counties, New York, by Aug. 1810. Married Fanny B. Wickham Lawrence, 14 Oct. 1810. Moved to Palmyra, Ontario Co., New York, by 1814. Served as justice of the peace, 1814–1815, in Palmyra. Served as constable, 1818, in Palmyra. Began work as newspaper publisher and editor, under pseudonym Obadiah Dogberry, 1829, in Palmyra. Moved to Rochester, Monroe Co., New York, 1832, and continued work as newspaper publisher. Died in Rochester.