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Greenleaf, David


6 May 1803–7 Apr. 1890. Dry goods merchant, county commissioner, justice of the peace, farmer, postmaster, druggist. Born in Hartford, Hartford Co., Connecticut. Son of David Greenleaf and Nancy Jones. Moved to Boston, ca. 1820. Returned to Hartford, ca. 1823. Married Clarissa Cooley, 1 Jan. 1829, in Vernon, Tolland Co., Connecticut. Resident of West Hartford, Hartford Co., 1830. Moved to St. Mary’s Township, Hancock Co., Illinois, June 1836. Served as Hancock Co. commissioner, 1836–1840. Moved to Chili, Hancock Co., 1843. Served as justice of the peace in Hancock Co., 1843–1849. Moved to Carthage, Hancock Co., Apr. 1847. Served as postmaster of Carthage for six years. Incorporator of Carthage Female High School and Teachers’ Seminary. Died in Carthage.