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Baker, Edward Dickinson


24 Feb. 1811–21 Oct. 1861. Lawyer, politician, soldier. Born in London. Son of Edward Baker and Lucy Dickinson. Moved to Philadelphia, 1815; to New Harmony, Posey Co., Indiana, 1825; and to Belleville, St. Clair Co., Illinois, by 1826. Married Mary Ann Foss Lee, 27 Apr. 1831, in Greene Co., Illinois. Converted to Reformed or Christian Church (Campbellite) faith, ca. 1831. Served in Black Hawk War, 1832. Moved to Springfield, Sangamon Co., Illinois, 1835. Served as Sangamon Co. representative in Illinois legislature, 1837–1840. Served as state senator, 1840–1844. Against Illinois governor Thomas Ford’s wishes, negotiated in Missouri with fugitive members of mob that killed JS to return to Illinois for trial, Sept. 1844; represented two of the accused at bail hearing, Oct. 1844, in Illinois. Served as U.S. representative from Springfield district, 1845–1846; resigned to accept commission as colonel of Illinois Fourth Regiment in Mexican War. Moved to Galena, Jo Daviess Co., Illinois, 1848. Served as U.S. representative from Galena district, 1849–1850. Moved to San Francisco, by 1852. Served as U.S. representative from California, 1859–1860. Moved to Salem, Marion Co., Oregon, 1860. Served as state senator, 1860–1861; resigned to join Union army in Civil War. Was killed at Battle of Ball’s Bluff, near Leesburg, Loudoun Co., Virginia.