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McCoy, Isaac


13 June 1784–21 June 1846. Preacher, surveyor, secretary, author, wheelwright. Born near Uniontown, Fayette Co., Pennsylvania. Son of William McCoy and Elizabeth. Moved to North Bend, Northwest Territory (later in Hamilton Co., Ohio), 1789, and to Jefferson Co., Kentucky, 1789. Moved to Shelby Co., Kentucky, by Mar. 1801. Baptized into Baptist church. Married Christiana Polk, 6 Oct. 1803, in Shelby Co. Moved to Vincennes, Knox Co., Indiana Territory, 1804. Moved to Clark Co., Indiana Territory, and received license to preach, 11 July 1807, from Silver Creek Baptist Church. Moved to area north of Vincennes, 1808. Ordained a minister in Maria Creek Baptist Church, 13 Oct. 1810. Moved to Wayne Township, Randolph Co., Indiana, May 1820. Moved to Niles, Michigan Territory, Oct. 1821. Established Carey Mission for Ottawa and Miami Indian tribes, at Niles. Founded Thomas Station Indian Mission, 1823, near Grand Rapids, Kent Co., Michigan. Appointed member of government commission to arrange transfer of Ottawa and Miami Indians to the West, 1828. Moved to Lexington, Lafayette Co., Missouri, Aug. 1829. Lived at Howard Co., Missouri, by June 1830. Lived at Jackson Co., Missouri, by June 1840. Appointed corresponding secretary and general agent of American Indian Mission Association, 1842. Moved to Louisville, Jefferson Co., Kentucky, 1842. Died in Louisville.