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Morris, Isaac Newton


22 Jan. 1812–29 Oct. 1879. Lawyer, newspaper editor, politician, farmer, railroad owner and commissioner. Born in Bethel, Clermont Co., Ohio. Son of Thomas Morris and Rachel Davis. Moved to Oxford, Butler Co., Ohio, before 1835. Moved to Warsaw, Hancock Co., Illinois, 1836. Married Mary Ann Robbins, 1837. Moved to Quincy, Adams Co., Illinois, 1838. Editor of Quincy Argus (later Quincy Herald), 1839. Declined appointment as secretary of state for Illinois, 1840. Assisted Latter-day Saints seeking refuge from Missouri expulsion. President of Illinois and Michigan Canal Company. In Carthage, Hancock Co., Illinois, chaired convention to negotiate removal of Saints from Nauvoo, Hancock Co. Democrat. Served as state representative, 1846–1848. Represented Illinois in U.S. Congress, 1857–1861. Died in Quincy.