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Weber, John B.


7 Apr. 1810–22 Nov. 1889. Cabinet maker, merchant, farmer, sheriff. Born in Shepherdstown, Jefferson Co., Virginia (later in West Virginia). Son of John B. Weber and Elizabeth Shutt. Worked as cabinet maker in Maryland, ca. 1827; in New York City, ca. 1828–1830; and in Shepherdstown, ca. 1830–1836. Married first Sarah Ann Woltz, 23 Sept. 1832, in Shepherdstown. Moved to Springfield, Sangamon Co., Illinois, Apr. 1836. Lobbied Illinois legislature to vote in favor of Latter-day Saints’ petition for redress, late 1839. Served as copyist of state land records, ca. 1843–1849. Member of Illinois and California Mining Mutual Insurance Company. Moved to Shasta, Shasta Co., California, by 1850. Moved to Pawnee Township, Sangamon Co., fall 1851. Served as sheriff of Sangamon Co., 1854–1856. Wife died, 5 Aug. 1866. Married second Nancy Jane Dodds Drennan, 28 Nov. 1867. Died at Pawnee Township.